Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hollow Earth Expeditions meets David Acosta (seven years in the making)

Seven years ago I posted that one of the games I really wanted to play was Hollow Earth Expeditions. Thanks to the Google+ Hollow Earth Expedition community and Roll20, I may finally have a chance to roll those funky Ubiquity dice and kill a Tyrannosaurus rex with my trusty Colt .45 (or maybe not). Here is a couple of glamour shots of my Character David Acosta.
David was a Major in the Army He served in an Engineer Battalion in both the Philippines and Nicaragua, as well as Stateside. he resigned his commission (Though he's still a Reservist) and started working for the Government as a Civil Engineer. He is extremely intelligent- possessing not only degrees in Engineering but also in History. He is especially fascinated with the Engineering marvels of Ancient Rome. He is considered an expert in his field. For more information on David, please refer to his semi-completed Character sheet below.