Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How I spent my summer vacation (My summer romance with Pathfinder)

I have three minions, one in College, one entering High School, and the third in Middle school.
Summer vacation usually means I have to find something for the two younger ones to do. Last year they tried their hands at water polo. I had forgotten how rigorous ans physical that damn game was, it's like aquatic rugby. (props to all you Water polo players out there).

This summer  the boys demanded something less rigorous.   I found that one of the local game stores was sponsoring Pathfinder Society (PFS) games.

PFS is everything the old AD&D Living City was and more. you create a Pathfinder character using their sanctioned character creation rules and then you play in modules tiered to your characters level. The modules are the same for most levels they are just tiered so that the fierceness of the opponents is somewhat in line with the abilities of the players to kick their asses.  The rewards are tiered as well so that a player in a lower level tier may get a Mithral chain shirt, a character in a higher tier will get a Mithral chain shirt +1.

PFS games at this store are mostly held in the evenings. But there are also games held around noontime on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I was afraid that it was going to be a hard sell to "She who must be obeyed", but it wasn't at all - the price was right (free) and I would be there with them (yer damn right i'd be there with them-Woo hoo!).

I convinced the boys to play regular fighters. One of my boys is playing a Dwarven Warrior with a penchant for axes. The other is playing a fighter specializing in archery. Nothing fancy, just a guy with an axe and a guy with a bow. Now that the two of them have a few levels and a ton of feats under their belts they are serious ass-kicking machines. The armored Dwarf is like a Sherman tank and the archer is a sniper with a .50 cal rifle.

We've been having so much fun that my oldest son has joined us during his summer break. He and I  play a supporting role as a pair of Bards. Mine is a Keshite who's specialty is stand up comedy,using Yo' Momma jokes to belittle our foes and inspire our comrades. My oldest is a Vudrani who is a true Sitar Hero.

My boys are getting older and their varied interests are becoming apparent, so seeing them all at the same table,working together and having fun is priceless.
Best Summer ever.