Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I'm closing out my first week of my "two week notice" period at my job. God do I want to get the hell outta here! not that there is anything wrong with the company or the job. I just want to move on.
plus with the storms on the east coast keeping everyone indoors, nobody is calling in here.

lots of banter on the groupsite *good thing* but very little action *bad thing* I emailed Jeff H. this morning and told him to start earning his bonus XP and start kicking asses and moving the story along. for me, the time after the finish of a PBEM is always the worst. nobody wants to take initiative on claiming treasure or dividing loot. and getting everyone to turn in their updated sheets is a true pain in the ass (of which I, as a player am often guilty of). but I'm hopeful we will be moving on soon.