Monday, April 07, 2003

darrell's game
Saul Priest of Grun
well after several years it looks like i'll be playing in AHA again. Darrell will be running an adventure located in Pellen, it looks to be very fun and I hope deadly.

I'm gonna try and run a Priest of Grun. now grun aint a martial deity or even one dedicated to goodness and light. he's actually the patron of laborers-basically the average working joe. seems kind of unlikely but that was the attraction. the easy way would be to choose a priest of Heldar or Anhur, not a priest of the god of millers and tanners. but all in all i'm quite happy with Saul.
his background has him starting as a average parish priest trying to keep his chsrges out of harms way during the Vampyre war. when he failed at that he joined the resistance and fought as a guerilla until the Vampyre kings and their spawn were banished from Pellen by the Queen and her forces. afterwards he became a "Tribune". Tribunes were groups of three nobleman and/or clergy that travelled the land restoring order and dispensing the Queens justice. After a year of that he retired from the Tribunals and has travelled the land destroying undead. I gave him the exotic weapons proficiency. I'm arming with him with a kukri, repeating crossbow, and a cold iron mace. i was even thinking of using wolvesbane coated shuriken and rosewood daggers.

I was thinking of the movie "Dracula-Prince of Darkness." at the start of the movie the travelers are rescued by a monk riding a horse and using a high powered rifle. I thought the character was cool. and so i fashioned Saul after him.

I'v been working on a kitbash for him using a Christopher Lee figure.