Thursday, April 10, 2003

here we go again :0(
ISP down
Once again i am without internet for another day or so. BLECCH!
I can still access at work and at school so please contact me at

SoE and The Great Day of Joy!
Every year for one glorious day it occurs, the birds sing a tad sweeter, the sky above is just a smidgin bluer, and the brotherhood of mankind is edged just a bit closer to harmony. Yes my friends the reports are true, tomorrow is The Great Day of Joy!
Three and 9/10ths decades ago the Evil DM was sent to this tiny planet to spread that which he spreads best. and you my loyal players and Blog reap the benefits of membership in the Swords of Erisa Campaign!

here's the skinny...
You each have until midnight tomorrow night to email me THREE things that you would like to see in the future of the campaign. they can be anything, like a part of Erisa you would like to visit, a type of adventure you would like to try, a type of foe you would like the group to be pitted against. etc. please be serious and give it a bit of thought. I enjoy SoE and I want you all to be a part of it.

So whats in it fer me?well for each of you who responds before the deadline i will grant your character ONE LEVEL! thats right one whole level Gratis!
so put on those thinking caps and hit me with your best thought. remember before midnight tomorrow night. at 12:01am april 12th the deal is done.