Friday, March 03, 2006

Mystara Friday – The Beginning

I’m going to try a new theme day dedicated to the Email Basic D&D game I’m running: The Mystara PBEM. Every Friday I’ll try and give a brief synopsis of what transpired in the game that week. First off, let me give you all some background.

The game is played on line via email using Yahoogroups. We are using the rules from the Basic D&D rules Cyclopedia. The setting is the Official TSR D&D campaign world of Mystara. For this particular adventure I am utilizing three multi media resources – a novel, a published module, and a Television series.

There are seven Player characters in the game:

• Callum- a Warrior
• Finn Askoldson- a Cleric
• Krondak- a Dwarf
• Pryolei- a Druid
• Rolmir- a Mage
• Throd- A Dwarf
• Troilus- A Scout (Thief)

The setting is as follows:
In the northwestern portion of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, in the heart of the Cruth Mountains, near the river Magos, is the mining camp of Ganik's Ridge. Ganik's Ridge is a lawless collection of tents and ramshackle buildings serving the needs of the miners in the region. Gold was discovered close to eighteen months ago and camp grew up virtually overnight. The area falls under the nominal protection of the town of Luln and the commander of Riverfork Keep. The garrison at the keep is kept busy combating river bandits and smugglers. Luln has been too preoccupied with keeping tabs on the Black Eagle Barony to expend resources on Ganik's ridge. This attitude is changing however as the gold from the strike continues to sustain itself, and the regions resources are beginning to be better appreciated. The Magistrate of Luln and the garrison at Riverfork have joined forces to build an outpost closer to the border to keep an eye out for incursions from Darokin as word of the gold strike spreads.

Into this setting rides Sgt. Troilus, A scout in the Army of the Grand Duchy. His last assignment before leaving the service is to deliver a small contingent (a corporal and three privates) of replacement troops to Outpost 23, a border garrison a days ride up-country from Ganik’s Ridge. While riding through Ganik’s Ridge, Troilus decides to bivouac his men in the camp for the night. While exploring the camp Troilus runs across his friend Krondak, a Dwarven adventurer and part-time bounty hunter. Krondak is in camp with his Dwarven comrade Throd who has just won a deed to a gold mine during a game of craps. Krondak and Throd invite Troilus to join them in examining the mine to see it’s condition. Since the Dwarves must go to the outpost as well to have the commander officially transfer the deed to Throd, they can all leave for the mine together, once Troilus droops off his charges and officially musters out. While discussing their various options at one of the local eateries, Troilus is recognized by his distant cousin Pyrolei. Pyrolei and his three companions, Callum Finn, and Rolmir have just returned from several weeks of gold panning in the river, with little to show for their efforts. Soon Bread is broken, tankards are drained, oaths are sworn, and wenches are spanked. And before you can say Gygax, we have a party of fortune seekers setting out on a bold new adventure!

Next week: The Outpost.