Friday, March 17, 2006

Mystara friday

While searching the outpost the group makes its way to the HQ building. They peered in the building through the windows and see that the entire room was covered floor to ceiling with thick cobwebs. The cobwebs and the darkness obscured everything in the office. So Troilus decides to open the door and have a look in. the moment he does, several thick strands of webbing shoot out from the room and attach themselves to him, dragging him from the doorway into the giant mass of webbing. Some of the others try to attack the webbing but either their weapons are ineffective or they themselves are caught up by strands of webbing which wrap around their throats and threaten to choke them to death. In the mean time Troilus has been sucked into the center of the web and is slowly having his life drained out of him.

Next week…Holy Might