Friday, March 10, 2006

Mystara Friday

This week the group arrived at the outpost. The weather was most foul and the outpost appeared abandoned. Sgt Troilus had a plan to perform a recon on the outpost but that plan was quickly forgotten as Throd charged the front gate pounding and cursing it through the rain. Ignoring the dwarves actions, Troilus climbed the palisade and entered the out post, only to find it abandoned. He quickly opened the gates and let in the rest of the rain soaked party. As the group was preparing for a systematic search of the outpost once again Throd expressed his frustration at the rain, cold and lack of a killable enemy and began to howl and curse. Finally having enough of the dwarfs antics Corporal Chillum calls the dwarf out and begins to give the warrior a dressing down like a raw recruit. This did not set well with Throd who responded with a solid punch to the Corporals gut. Though winded Chillum responded with a roundhouse kick to the side of the Dwarves head, before the fight could progress any further, it was broken up by the rest of the group. A complete breakdown was averted but the tension was still very much there as the group split in half to begin the search of the outpost, half checking out the HQ building, the rest securing the gate and caring for the mounts.