Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Great minds think alike

I just ran into this little blurb from Rattrap Productions over at the Gaming Report:

After the release of Super Science Tales, I'll also begin work for an early 2008 release of Broadsword Adventures: Savage Tales of Fantasy. Forget all those Tolkien clone games, we get back to some serious Conan-style excitement!

A day late and a dollar short baby... by the way did I mention that Broadsword is #4 on the hot sellers list at RPGNow? Oops! I guess I just did...

Anyway, Go give the guys at Rattrap a look, they have some cool stuff. But if you want "some serious Conan-style excitement" Pick up a copy of Broadsword. And get one for your mother too, nothing says love like a Sword & Sorcery RPG.