Friday, June 29, 2007

Thrilling Places

Thrilling Places
Rob Hudson

Thrilling places is a supplement for the Pulp Hero line from Hero games.
I’ve played Hero System games in the past and I acknowledge the company as one of the pillars of the RPG hobby but the system was never a favorite of mine. That said, The Pulp Hero line offers a lot to any fan of Pulp era gaming. Thrilling Places is the latest, and quite possibly the best product from this line.
Written by Rob Hudson, Thrilling places offers over a dozen separate globe-spanning locations for Pulp era adventures, everything from a decrepit plantation in the Bayous of Louisiana, to a mysterious island home of a monstrous ape-god hidden in the South Pacific. Thrilling Places offers fleshed out locations, environments, characters and adventure ideas. A few months ago I made mention on the Pulp Hero boards that I thought the PDF price was a bit steep for a product that contained only 154 pages. I was wrong. I should have worried less about page count, and considered the quality of what was contained in those pages. Thrilling place is a treasure trove of ideas. Dozens of adventures can be launched from the locales offered in this book. My favorite location is the Grant building, a once grand, ten story office building that serves a variety of businesses such as a private detective agency, a pulp magazine publisher, an insurance company, and of course, “Joe’s Diner” a ground floor restaurant which is a favorite dessert stop for a local mobster. Just reading through the various descriptions, a dozen adventures popped in my head. And it’s the same with just about every entry. All the pulp genres are covered in Thrilling Places- detective, crime fighter, weird science, lost world, exotic adventure, and more. Thrilling Places give the necessary Hero System stat blocks for all the major characters, but this supplement is invaluable no matter what adventure RPG system you choose. Thrilling Tales is definitely worth the price. Two thumbs Way Up!