Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pulp Thursday

I found an interesting article regarding REH and racism.

A couple of weeks ago I reported on Adamant Entertainments new line of Pulp adventures. I finally had a chance to look it over.
“The Crimson Emperor” is an adventure split into 5 parts. According to Adamant Entertainment each part can either be played as a standalone session or as part of a larger Pulp serial campaign. I purchased the first installment “Politics of Terror” and am happy to report that the product delivers. It’s a solid no frills adventure steeped in the politics of the 1930’s, specifically the run for the white house by a popular senator who is tough on organized crime. The information is sufficient to give both the players and the GM a sense of how to get the players involved in the adventure. The adventure is written for the D20 system but there would be absolutely no problem in converting it to the pulp engine of your choice. I have only purchased episode one, but I was pleased enough with it that I’ll give episode two a try. I’ll fill you all in on that one soon.

Conan the Phenomenon

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And that’s your Pulp Thursday report!