Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pulp Thursday

The second pod cast of Dial P for Pulp is out and ready for download. It looks like David is tightening up the broadcast and improving it with each step. It’s a first rate resource for Pulps. If David stays on the course he’s set I can see this being the definitive pod cast of the genre.

“Superpowers” is an upcoming release from Dynamite entertainment. The project is due out a bit later this year. The storyline follows the adventures of several WWII and Post WWII heroes of the pulps and comics.
“They have all have been drawn, designed and/or re-imagined by Alex Ross, including Fighting Yank, Green Lama, The Death Defying ‘Devil, the Black Terror, Masquerade, The Flame, Mister Face, Samson, The Scarab, The Owl, the Claw, Pyroman, the Arrow, the American Spirit, the Crusaders, the F-Troop and more.”

Check out these new looks for some classic heroes:

Jungle Girl is another new dynamite release. Set in the modern 21st century rather than the classic 20th century (1930’s-1950’s) setting of most jungle tales, Jungle girl is the story of Jana and her adventures in a “Lost world” of Prehistoric creatures and barbaric splendor. The story starts out with Jana witnessing the crash landing of a private plane carrying a documentary film crew. Jana hurries to rescue them and we begin the trek to safety. I’ve read issues 0-2, the art is nice but the story is sparse. I’ll give it a couple of issues more but if it doesn’t pick up I may pass on further issues.

And that's your "Pulp Thursday" report.