Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pulp Thursday

One of the most informative sites on the net is Coming Attractions
It’s updated every week and gives a ton of info on the world of Pulp!

My buddy Chris turned me on to this gem called- It's a Man's World: Men's Adventure Magazines, the Postwar Pulps.

This is exactly the type of thing I was talking about when I mentioned my idea for “Mission: Adventure!” a few months back. M:A will be my next project once I get “Broadsword Expansion Pack I” and “Legends of Steel” done.

By the way, here's a teaser for what I have in mind:

"Mission: Adventure! "

The premise
“Mission: Adventure!” is a Roleplaying game set in a "pulp-style" universe, that re-creates the action / adventure television, magazine, comic book, and toy themes of the 60's and 70's.

The inspiration
Action packed TV shows like Johnny Quest, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, and Mission Impossible.
Adventure themed action figure lines like the Adventure Team (A/T) GI Joe's, Major Matt Mason, and Big Jim's P.A.C.K
Non-super powered comic book heroes and teams such as Cave Carson, and the Challengers of the Unknown.
Post-War Pulp magazines such as Man’s exploits, Escape to Adventure, Rage, etc.

The campaign
The time period would be similar to that of real world Earth in the late 60's to the early 70's. In the world of “Mission: Adventure!” the "Iron Curtain" still stands and the "Cold War" is red hot. It's a world where small teams of agents fight a war in the shadows to ensure that their side comes out on top. In “Mission: Adventure!” the ideological choices are easy. Good and evil are well defined. There is freedom and democracy or there is totalitarianism and oppression.
Your characters can be part of a global organization, a national security force, or a small team of privately funded agents. They come from all walks of life, ex-military, scientists, athletes, law enforcement agents, daredevils, etc. The characters will travel the world and beyond- whether it's exploring a "Dinosaur valley" in the Amazon basin, breaking up a drug smuggling ring in Macao, or serving as part of a strike force assaulting a secret base on the moon.

•Psionics-there is no magic in the traditional sense, but paranormal abilities such as telekinesis, ESP, and empathy are present.

•Gadgets-Air-cars, laser pistols, wrist communicators, mobile HQ vehicles, and other Pulp inspired paraphernalia will make it's way into the characters hands as well as those of their adversaries.

•Organizations- Adventure Team type organizations, S.H.I.E.L.D type organizations, U.N.C.L.E type organizations; Science based organizations –such as: The Challengers of the Unknown, The Sea Devils, and Cave Carson.

•Enemies- enemy countries (behind the Iron or Bamboo curtains), lone wolf operatives, rogue states, evil brotherhoods, alien menaces, secret hideouts.

Stay Tuned!

Those guys at Fat Dragon Games
are at it again:

Nazi Mechs! How cool is that?

Did you know about this? I sure in hell didn’t.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

I LOVED the first one! I was kinda “meh” about the second one. Here’s hoping the third go around will re-ignite the spark.

There are some awesome photos of the production of this movie on Michelle Yeoh’s website.

And that’s your “Pulp Thursday” report.