Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Free comic book software and a top 20 ranking!

I ran across the Comic Collector Live site the other day. it has a great comic organizing program that I've been using to make some sense out of all of my boxes and boxes of comics. I'm finding out that I have whole runs of comics I haven’t even read yet. the free organizer allows you to sort the books by title, publisher, story arc, etc. and when you’re done entering them you can see what gaps you have and print up a report of your missing issues, so you can go buy MORE comics. They also have a community forum and a place to buy and sell comics. I haven’t really looked around there yet (I'm still entering my collection in the database).

Yax, over at Dungeon Mastering has ranked The Lair of the Evil DM number 15 of his top 50 favorite gaming sites. I'm in the top 20, that’s pretty cool. Thanks man.