Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pulp Thursday

Pulp Thursday is a bit sparse this week. But what we lack in quantity is more than made up for in quality.

Yours in a white wine sauce!” is just an amazing resource of articles, tips, links and general information. It’s geared towards the Victorian era but many of the applications meld into the pulp genre quite nicely. The list of links will keep you occupied for days. And his lost world / dino hunting sections are a godsend. A tip of the hat to the referrer at the Exile Game studio forum for the heads up on this Simply excellent blog.

My thanks to Hank of "Cleireac's Journal" for giving us the skinny on the old time radio serial:
The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen” a great adventure to listen to as I drone my way through the workday.

Episode #4 is up for your enjoyment!

And that is your Pulp Thursday report!