Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thoughts turn to gaming

Top Secret / SI –Taking another look
I mentioned the other day that I am scheduled to start gaming, as a player no less!
Chris our prospective GM is an experienced Gamer who has spent time on both sides of the screen. He hasn’t played Top Secret /SI before but in the spirit of trying new things he has agreed to run a Pulp style game using the TS/SI rules set. As I was doing research for several proposed characters I really started to take a close look at the TS/SI rules and a couple of the Sourcebooks that TSR came out with for the game. This may not come as news to you older guys, but man TS/SI is a really sweet system. The character Generation is fast and straight forward (with an optional “point buy” which I’ll be using) the combat is uncomplicated and the rules for Hand to hand combat actually looks fun to try out (since it’s Pulp I’m looking to have My character go “Mano a Mano” as often as I can).
I went online and scored the rest of the TS/SI line that I was missing and found them very affordable on EBay.

Supernatural Chill
Since the writers strike, “She who must be obeyed” and I have been watching a lot of DVD’s. We recently started watching the first season of a TV show called “Supernatural”.
It’s the story of two brothers who come from a family of modern day “Monster Hunters”. Their dad, who was out on a “Hunt”, has gone missing, and now the son’s are following dads trail-trying to locate him and helping folks plagued by supernatural phenomena along the way. Basically they blow into town on dad’s trail and find some weir phenomena of the week (ghosts, demons, monsters, etc.) blow it to hell, and move on to the next town, still looking for dad. It’s a fun show.
Anyway, the gamer in me was already thinking of how to make it into a game, and while almost any set of modern horror rules would work, I personally would like to try this with the Mayfair version of Chill.
We have a secret, loose organization of Monster Hunters, traveling the land like modern-day Paladins, fighting the monster of the week, saving the town, kissing the girl, and then heading off into the sunset. Linear? Yes, but sometimes linear is okay, Especially when you want to just roll some dice and blast the shit out of a monster.

Jack of all Trades (Savage worlds, Unisystem, Bloode Island XPG)
How the hell did I miss this show on TV? Probably because it only lasted two seasons, on a network I never watched, and they only showed it at 2:00AM on Sunday night.
The King of Cult Cinema himself- Bruce Campbell stars as a Colonial era American spy working under cover in a fictitious island nation, thwarting the nefarious plans of Emperor Napoleon’s inept lackey’s. Historically it’s flawed as all hell, but from a gamers angle it’s “Manna from Heaven”. Take your favorite rules light system (Hopefully something that has info and rules for the Pirate/ Colonial period) and have at it! And don’t sweat the details too much; it’s Bruce Campbell fer God sakes!