Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Pulp

The big news for me this week is that I hooked up with a gaming group! Not only are we going to start a regular campaign, it’s gonna be a PULP campaign! Top Secret: SI / Agent 13. Life is good.

So in celebration, here are a few of the newer offerings in the world of Pulp Gaming-

THRILLING TALES: The Golden Idol of Sikral $5.00
I'm usually a bit leery of Adamant's offerings, but this appears to be a reprint of a Hero games product. I enjoy the stuff put out for Pulp Hero.

Pulp Hero: The Golden Idol of Sikral $3.00 (Same adventure-lower price)

Boomtown Planet - Saturday Edition
I never heard of this game until today. if I hadn't spent my gaming allowance on stuff for the Top Secret game, I might have picked this up. I probably still will, just not this week.

BASH! Sci-Fi Edition
Not really Pulp Per se- But I really like the BASH line of games. And anyone can build a retro Flash Gordonesque campaign using these rules. This is another purchase that's gonna have to wait. At $15.00 BASH is starting to get a little pricey for a PDF offering (no pdf should cost more than $15.00).

Fantastic Worlds: Pulp Action in the Far Reaches of Space
I don't play miniatures games, but if I did- this would be the one. It looks way fun!

Bumbles Pounce
The Cimmerian has posted this amusing tale of that great polar explorer / prospector Yukon Cornelius!

And that's your Pulp Thursday report!