Saturday, May 31, 2008


I’ve had some bad dates, but the absolute worst date of my life was back in 1986, at an all day music and art festival in the California "Gold country" called "Mountain Air". What made it the worst date was the fact that the girl I took wanted to leave halfway through the day, before the concert portion began.
The headliner was Journey.
I took her home and needless to say it was a long quiet drive back to Sacramento. I was so pissed I could have chewed through a beer can.
That was the first, last, and only time I ever had the chance to see Journey in concert. Of course there have been concerts since but once Steve Perry left the band it just wasn't the same. “Van Hagar” wasn't as traumatic of a switch for me, since I was always a fan of the "Red Rocker", but Journey without Steve Perry just wasn't Journey.
The other day on the radio I heard a journey song I never heard before. I was stunned- it was the Journey sound, the Journey guitars, and Steve Perry on lead vocals. I was ecstatic. When the song ended the DJ said it was a cut from their new album “Revelation” featuring a new lead singer named Arnel Pineda. I couldn't believe how much this guy sounds like Steve Perry, it's like they cloned him from a lock of Steve's hair. Of course when I got home I went online and did a little research...
Arnel Pineda was a member of a bar band in the Philippines. Neal Schon was surfing you Tube one night and came across some videos of Pineda covering some Journey songs. Schon was so impressed with Pineda he flew him out to California for an audition and a few days later offered him the spot as Journey's new lead singer. Talk about a Cinderella story.
So now Journey has a new singer, a new album and a summer tour with Heart and Cheap trick.
The guy sounds good (go on you tube and check him out).

No he isn't Steve Perry. But it doesn't look like Steve is ever gonna change his mind and work with Journey again.
And I'm not getting any younger. I figure I better go see them now while I can still hold up a Bic lighter.
Besides, Heart will be there, and I’ve always had a thing for Nancy Wilson.