Tuesday, May 06, 2008

WoB & LoS

The April numbers for World of Broadsword are in it looks like I’ve sold about 100+ through RPGNow and Precis Intermedia. The reviews are really positive. The most recent one by the Chatty DM was an especially solid critique He applauded the use of the SWOT analysis used in the nations section and felt WoB had applications beyond the Broadsword RPG. I was happy to see that, WoB is designed for the Broadsword game I really want people to realize that it can be used for any type of low magic fantasy setting.

This last week I’ve been working on another gazetteer / adventure in the same vein as WoB but this one will be focusing on the classic pulp genre of the “Lost World” adventure. The supplement will have additional information specific to the Dime Heroes setting from Deep7 but it will also have much of the material in a generic format so as to be adaptable to just about any pulp adventure rule set.

I’m currently working to commission a cover for the Legends of Steel game with artist Jeremy Mohler. Thanks to the success of WoB I will be able get the snazziest cover I can afford. I’ll be using the characters I created with Jeff Hebert as the subjects on the cover.

Here is the last of the core characters I'll be using in the game. He has no name yet. Right now I'm calling him "Barbarian guy" - But I'll work on something better.