Thursday, May 08, 2008

Would you like to play a game? - Savage Worlds Online

Savage Worlds is one of the top ten games I would love to play but never have.
A combination of personal issues and lack of like minded folks interested in the system has kept SW in the wings for months.

Recently a group of Savage World enthusiasts have started Savage Worlds Online. SWO hopes to gather SW players via the Internet and the Fantasy Grounds online gaming software. I purchased FGII a few months ago but never really put it to the test. However, now that it looks like it will be featuring strong support for the SW system I'm going to give it a shot and see if I can get in on a game or two.

GM'ing is a bit much for me at the moment especially since I'm not familiar with the system in actual play but I really would love to get into a Pulp or S&S game as a player. Who knows, if it works out I may be able to use this as a play tester for future WoB scenarios or the Lost Worlds pulp source book I'm currently working on. Any one else out there interested in SW or the online project?