Thursday, August 28, 2008

"I hear it makes kids worship the devil"

My time in High School was pretty cool. While I wasn’t captain of the football team or valedictorian I had good times; girlfriends, burger job, class council, Jazz choir, rock concerts, football games, prom, partying, joking and toking. And through it all I was a gamer.

I never thought I was a D&D character, I never worshiped demons, I never had suicidal thoughts, I never looked to a game to solve my typical teenage problems.

But shit like this made being a teenage gamer a lot fucking harder than it had to be.

Thank God my mom was intelligent enough to see through all the hype and hysteria that was fueled by her friends, co-workers, and dumb ass talk show hosts.

Thanks to The Geek Orthodoxy Blog, which brought this to my attention.

Blogging strong there Reis!