Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Last Legion. It aint so bad...

This movie came and went faster than Damone in “Fast times at Ridgemont High”.
It played in theaters here for like a week and then bombed out. It’s a Sword & Sandal movie starring Gandhi, Vorenus from HBO’s “Rome”, an Uber-hot Bollywood chick and half the cast of “Love Actually”. It’s a totally un historical attempt at melding The last days of the Roman Empire with the Excalibur legend. Forget history (trust me the writers sure did) and sit back and enjoy a cool team mission flick. Watch The Last Legion for the sword fights, the costumes, the hot Bollywood chick, and basically for the geeky fun of it.

If you’re a Sword and Sorcery Geek like me you will have no problem sitting through this one and having a good time.
Classic cinema? No way.
Cheesy sword-fest? Pretty much.
Worth your time as gamer flick? Oh yeah.

Check out Uber-hot Bollywood chick slice her way through a bunch of NPC's.