Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pulp Thursday Special-Hank Houston makes the top 10!

Who you may ask is Hank Houston?
Hank is the creation of a team of artists and writers at ECV press.

ECV is also known as Empire Comics Vault- The sole provider of comics to The Lair of the Evil DM!

My buddy Ben Schwartz and his team have put together a great Sci-Fi Pulp epic starring Hank Houston. They have submitted their proposal for consideration to the Platinum Studios comic book challenge-2008. Hank Houston has made it into the top 10 and now it's up to the fans to decide if Hank gets a shot at his own title. YOU have the power my friends.
Here is a great opportunity to get a pulp title on the market.
Please join me in supporting Ben, ECV, Independent publishing and Pulp by voting today.

It's free and easy just click on this link.