Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The David Gemmell Legend Award

If you have been hanging around here at the Lair for any length of time you know how much enjoy the works of David Gemmell. I consider his works as essential reading for anyone who enjoys a rousing tale of heroism, duty and sacrifice. In his honor a new award has been established: The David Gemmell Legend Award.

The DGLA will be presented for the very first time in 2009 for the best Fantasy novel of 2008. The award will be given to a work written in the 'spirit' of the late, great David Gemmell, a true Master of Heroic Fantasy.

Please join me at the DGLA website. They are just getting started and could use the support.

My thanks to The Cimmerian for posting about this.

David left us way too soon. His untimely death was such a blow to me that his last book "Troy: Fall of Kings" sits on my shelf unread. And it will stay there for quite sometime, because once I read it I know there will be no more stories from him, and this way I'll always have one more David Gemmell story to look forward to.