Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I found just the thing - LibraryThing

Right before the most recent crash I posted on a few of the forums that I was looking for a book/game organizer. The thing is, I have tons of books and games strewn about in different parts of the Lair and all too often I come back from a “book run” only to find that I bought something I already have. One of the suggestions was a place called LibraryThing.

LibraryThing not only organizes your book and game collection it also acts as a social networking site similar to My Space and Facebook. I’m not into networking sites such as Facebook etc. they seem to me intrusive with their silly polls and other time wasters, but this one might be worth it for the networking I can do in a specific are of interest (books).

I like the feel of it so much so that I actually invited many of my online friends who also have a literary bent.

A few months ago I was talking with Howard Jones the editor of Black Gate Magazine and we were discussing the lack of a message board dedicated to Heroic Fiction or Adventure Fiction. There are a couple of Sword & Sorcery boards out there and of course many dedicated to specific characters and authors, but nowhere that one can go to discuss the various works of Mundy, Howard, Burroughs or Lamb all on the same site. LibraryThing might be the place to form such a group.

Anyway, I’m on there and trying slowly but surely to get my books entered and organized. I’m shooting for entering maybe 20 books a day. So stop by sign up, I just checked I actually have a “friend” there now.

My new goal is to be the Tia Tequila of LibraryThing!