Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A couple more freebies

The other day I mentioned some free RPG's for your gaming pleasure. I wanted to follow it up with a couple more offerings that have come to my attention.

Star frontiers remastered is an exceptional effort to revisit one of the grand old games of yesteryear. The folks in charge have been doing an exceptional job of cleaning up and re releasing material for this game and also coming up with a regular offering of new material through their PDF fanzine called the Frontiersman. seriously, all gaming products-free or commercial- should look this good. The newest issue (#9)of the Frontiersman has just been released, you can find it here.

I haven't really had a chance to look into this too much, but for those of you who have trouble making time in real life for a game, Screen Monkey might be just what your looking for. And now Screen Monkey is teaming up with the gamer networking site RPGLife and releasing a free version of their platform. So now you have the means to game online and a place to find other like-minded geeks. It may not be the ideal role playing experience, but for some it may be the only game in town.

This last freebie doesnt have anything to do with gaming but it's a cool freebie I ran across last week. it's a web-based image editor from Finland called Sumo paint. Like I said not strictly gaming but it may come in handy.