Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Game- Swords & Wizardry / Cool setting GURPS Godzilla

Swords & Wizardry is a revisit of real "Old School" gaming. And yes my friends, it's free.Taking the original Dungeons and Dragons rule set from the mid 70's the authors goal seems to be to try and re-kindle that feeling many of us had as we perused the game for the first time. You can pick up a PDF copy at Lulu.

GURPS Godzilla
When I first ran across this site I dismissed it. I'm not into fighting monster games. But as the author Jonathon Woodward states in his introduction:

"When most people consider "GURPS Godzilla", they picture playing a very flat, scorched character. I'll admit, that doesn't sound like much fun. However, in the course of nearly three dozen films starring Godzilla and his antagonists, Toho Studios has created an exciting universe, full of things to do that don't involve 300 foot monsters stepping on your character's head. This document is an attempt to explore that universe and suggest ideas to the imaginative GM."

The world of Godzilla, as created by Toho studios, is a complex and rich weird science campaign made to order. I can just see a group made up of tough "Adventuring Scientists" battling all kinds of enemies from Aliens to foreign dictators, as they unlock the secrets of these giant creatures.

Sit down and go over this stuff for a few minutes. If you cant dream up half a dozen pulp science scenarios as your reading through it, then you need a double dose of Geek Mojo.