Thursday, October 09, 2008

Free RPG's to the rescue!

Financially it's tough all over, and I'm sure some of you guys may find it a bit harder to explain away that new $45.00 RPG purchase to the wife. Well the Evil DM is here to lend a hand. A little research can put a lot of gaming goodness on your table for free (and no, I'm not talking about pirated PDF's).

Here are a couple of recent offerings that have popped up. Now these aren't "Preview" or "Light" versions of games. They are complete, 100% playable, and fully supported efforts.

Mazes and Minotaurs
is a well supported game of adventure in the "Age of Heroes" They have just recently released the third issue of Minotaur, a quarterly pdf that supports Mazes and Minotaurs with a bunch of new fun stuff.

Atomic Sock Monkey Press has just released a new core rules set for their popular PDQ system. it's called PDQ Sharp and is available for free at RPGNow.

Now if your hankering for a little "Gamma World" / Thundarr action, might I suggest Goblinoid Games- Mutant Future.

From Rob Lang's wonderful Free RPG Blog comes word of yet another game system -or "YAGS". Rob gave it the once over and posted a positive review, so you might want to take a look at it as well.

So there you go. Three to get you started. Now go roll some dice!