Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Skypes and Wizards

I tried Skype last night for the first time. I was really impressed. I had a good long conversation with a buddy and the quality was as good as a regular phone call When the calls are between Skype users they're free. since I have a few net friends in Australia, Denmark, and the U.K. I decided to give their world-wide unlimited service a try for $9.95 a month, I'll post on the quality of those calls once I make a few.

It looks like Raimi and Tapert (of Xena and Hercules fame) are back with another sword swinging TV series.

Legend of the Seeker is a new series based on the books by Terry Goodkind. Honestly, this is a series I see in the bookstores everywhere I go but I have never picked it up.
I know its wrong, but I do judge books by their covers and the covers didn't appeal to me at all. But now I guess I'll drop the $2.00 to get the first book and see what we have, for two reasons-

1) I like Raimi and Tapert's work and from the trailers it looks like they are having fun.

2) The author of the stories looks like he's on board with this project, which is always a good sign.