Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Evil DM Productions Update

I received a draft copy of the LoSSW PDF with pictures included. I sent off some notes for revisions and corrections. This should be the final go around. I spoke with James at Heyoka tonight and he feels we should be able to wrap this all up by Sunday. Upon delivery of the final manuscript I'll be sending it to Lulu and see what a "Hardcopy" of LoS looks like. If I like what I see then I'll probably look into offering it there for hard copy purchases. If not it'll just be released as a PDF. Close on the heels of that release, LoS-Broadsword edition and LoS-ZeFRS edition will follow.

Work on Hador is going great. Joffery is doing some interior art, Ryan is working on the map and Chris has sent me some great art as well. I hope my content does their efforts justice.