Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LoSSW update

So after about 5 years and several revisions Legends of Steel is out there. Sales have been good. Feedback has been sparse but positive. One rules inconsistency has been discovered and it’s a pretty obvious one so I’m kicking myself for missing it. Several good suggestions have come my way and each will be considered. This is a learning process for me, so all constructive criticism and suggestions will be given serious consideration. I will be sending out a new version of the PDF with any needed corrections being made. I’m giving it a few days so that I only have to send one out.
The decision to go without RPGNow or any of the 3rd party PDF stores seems to be working for now. Sendspace has been very reliable in getting Legends of Steel –Savage Worlds Edition (LoSSW) out to the folks with no trouble at all. I don’t offer the instant gratification that RPGNow and Co. provide but everyone who has ordered a copy from me gets it within an hour or so (unless they order it after “lights out” here at the Lair, in which case they get it first thing the next morning).
I’ve only seen one review so far it's at The Geek Life Project  (Thanks!).  
I hope to see some more in the coming days.
Thanks for all the support folks, and if you like LoSSW please help get the word out.