Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Last night while surfing I clicked on a link for ancestors.com and just for the hell of it I put in some information on myself. Three hours later I'm immersed in more data about my family than I ever knew. I verified a bunch of it through my mother and aunts. All true so far. I met a distant cousin there who has been researching for a couple of years now. I even helped straighten out a few dates for her. She lives less that 70 miles from me and I didnt even know it. So far most of the information I have found pertains to my mothers side of the family by the name of Mascarenas which it turns out is descended from Portugal. If what I have found out so far is true here is how it goes:

Gonzalo De Azevedo MASCARE√ĎAS is born around 1590 in Lisbon Portugal.

In his early 20' he ships off to New Spain (Mexico)

At age 28, Gonzalo meets a girl named Catalina De Quinones. On December 16th 1618 they marry in Mexico city, settle down and have five sons.

in 1693 Gonzalo's Grandson, Jose Bernardo Mascarenas is part of the first group of colonists to journey to New Mexico and settle.

In the late 1800's part of the family relocates to Higbee Colorado.

In the 1920's some relocate to La Junta Colorado.

In April of 1964 I am born in Denver Colorado, fulfilling a prophecy made centuries ago.

In June of 1964 we move to Sacramento.

Present day.

Now this is just one branch of my tree. I still have to look at my dads side.

So far these revelations blow the hell outta the popular belief that I was descended from Aztec kings. It's looking more like I'm the scion of European adventurers, I can live with that.

I wonder Why Gonzalo left Portugal?
Was he a third son with no inheritance to look forward to?
Was he swayed by the stories of streets paved with gold?
Did he compromise a noblemans daughter?
was he a thief on the run?
The romantic in me wants to believe it was something more exiting that plague or starvation.

gotta keep digging...