Tuesday, April 07, 2009

1Page system and support

If you’ve been around here for a while you know that I’m not a big fan of Yahoo (why?  Click here).

But there are several Yahoogroups that I belong to that I really don’t want to give up.  One of which is the 1PG group.  The 1PG group is a fan site that discusses and shares information in support of the 1PG game line from Deep7 Games.  In the world of fast-play “Indie” games the 1PG system is often overshadowed by other systems such a Microlite D20 or Risus,  but 1PG still has their core audience of adoring fans that not only keep the games alive by supporting the line but also by creating their own fan based materials.  If you join the 1PG group and head over to the files section you will find a very impressive number of fan made 1PG games .  Here are just a few-

MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN: Roleplaying in the British Empire

Lost Tales: High Fantasy

Semper Seven: A special missions force versus a ruthless terrorist organization.

Sherwood: The First and ONLY Robin Hood 1PG

BABEWATCH: Sun, Sand, Sea & Sex Roleplaying

The 1page fansite is a great place to get a hold of a lot of support material on a great game system.  1Page is just so damn user friendly it's hard not to like it.

 Stop on by Deep7 games and have a look at what they have to offer. They  have great games, covering just about every RPG Genre.  The prices are certainly easy on the wallet, and they have a  small but very dedicated fan-base. 

Oh and don’t forget Heyoka Studios – they are an exclusive producer of commercial 1PG games and supplements.