Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today LoS was reviewed by Ron and Veronica Blessing, the hosts of the RPG Podcast "The Games The Thing"
LoS was given the "Awesome" rating. For those of you not in the know The Games The Thing is to Savage Worlds as what Entertainment Tonight is to Hollywood. So for a neophyte RPG publisher like me it's a pretty big deal.

Unfortunately it wasn't all Teddy bears and roses. They had a few concerns over some of the Edges I wrote and also with the layout. But I'm taking it in a positive light, as things to improve on in future endeavors. 

The bottom line though is that after reading LoS it made them want to play in a Sword & Sorcery game, and as a writer, that was the best endorsement I could ask for. 

Please stop by and give the review a listen.