Sunday, November 26, 2006

I got my wife to game (Sort of)

Mrs. Evil DM has never shown the slightest interest in gaming. She’s not opposed to the hobby as several of my Ex-girlfriends were when I was single (which is the most common reason they are EX girlfriends and not my wife). gaming just never interested her. I respect that, but like all gamers who are married to civilians, there is deep down, a part of me that would love nothing better than to have her by my side as we stormed the Darklords Keep or entered the Temple of Ultimate Evil. But after 10 years together I’ve pretty well resolved that it aint gonna happen. Until tonight- for the first time I cracked open a copy of Blackmorn Manor- a board game from a company called Pacesetter. Pacesetter is no longer with us and I have had this game sitting on my shelf for at least 4 years, so it was high time we cracked it open. Blackmorn Manor is a tile based horror game where one player takes on the role of a monster in the manor and the rest of the players are the intrepid explorers out to destroy it. There is combat, magic, and supernatural goings on a plenty. The “board” is made up of tiles that are placed in turn by each player; therefore no game board is the same. All in all it’s a fun game. My son and I sold it to my wife as a board game, which technically it is but there were enough RPG elements in it that we soon had her actually role playing her character- My son played the "Professor Challenger" type character and my wife was “Gina Diamond” professional singer and amateur supernatural sleuth. The minion I selected was a female vampire. After slogging through the rules for the first few minutes we were soon up to speed and chasing each other around the game board. The Professor eventually faced off against the vampire alone and was quickly defeated and turned to the Dark Side. We then proceeded to hunt down Gina who managed to thwart our efforts with skill and remarkable dice rolls-talk about beginners luck. In the end the Vampire absconded with the wooden stake (The item needed to destroy the vampire) and won the game, however Gina survived to the end without being turned into a servant of evil so it was a moral victory for the forces of good at least. The best part is that my wife said NEXT TIME she’ll win now that she knows the rules. There’s gonna be a “Next time”…WOO HOO!!