Saturday, November 11, 2006

Taking it to the streets

I’m a big fan of street level superheroes. Guys like Union Jack, Dr. Midnight, Iron Fist, Wildcat, etc. So I’ve been really pleased with the titles that have been coming out lately.
JSA Classified, Moon Knight, The Black Panther, Union Jack, and the re-launch of Heroes for Hire. In the last few issues of Black Panther, prior to his wedding with Storm, T’Challa was hanging out with Blade, Luke Cage and The Falcon- we had the makings of a cool ethnic team there for a bit, I would love to see that premise taken further. Coming up is a re-launch of Iron Fist and a special Dr. Midnight limited series in JSA Classified. All this street level coolness almost makes up for the travesty that was the Warlord series earlier this year…almost.