Thursday, November 23, 2006

TSR's "The Lost World"

Yesterday I was thinking about my next post in the Sword of Skartaris game and “Lost World” gaming in general, when I came upon an idea that makes perfect sense. First take the Hollow World Campaign supplement for the D&D Mystara setting, and then take characters from the Masque of the Red Death Campaign supplement for the Ravenloft setting. Combine them and you have a pretty sweet Victorian era Lost worlds campaign!
Man I wish I would have had this particular epiphany back when I had a regular gaming group. I always wanted to play a Pulp game but I could never talk my players into it. They were hard core D&D geeks, but I think I could have sold them on this idea. I get my pulp fix and they get to keep the same game engine and rules they were comfortable with.

While on the Subject of gaming I found this site that has some tools worthy of a look-
RPtools. There's a dice roller,a mapping program and an icon creator. The updates look to be frequent and regular and the forums seem to be active.