Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My "Lost World" team

I'm currently running a "Lost World" Pulp game on a message board, and I’m throwing together a few kit bashes of some of the characters in the game.

First up Anna.
Anna is the daughter of a Chinese warlord. Schooled in Europe, she later became an aviator skilled in piloting just about any craft of the period. She was the pilot of the airship which brought the team to the lost world.

Dr. Otto Hames
Doc is a brilliant doctor and medical researcher specializing in diseases. He recently lost his family in a car accident and has hit bottom. Hopefully this expedition will bring him back from his despair.

Thomas Kane
Kane is a soldier of fortune. He was recently re commissioned as an officer for the expedition. he is in charge of the squad of Marines who act as security for the team. Kane served in the Great War and also as a "Military advisor" in several South and Central American armies. Recently he was working as a bounty hunter in Texas.

the two I didn't have solo pictures of are in the team picture here . on the left is Professor Armstrong, a world famous geologist and explorer. And on the Far Right is Gunnery Sgt. Acosta a career Marine NCO and the squad leader of the security detachment.