Saturday, December 09, 2006

Best supporting

Sometimes an ok film becomes memorable not for the script or the star but from the performance of a supporting actor. I suppose that why the academy awards acknowledges such efforts. Two great performances that I always bring up when discussing genre films are; Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer in the movie “The Prophecy” and Bruce Spence’s portrayal as “The Mouth of Sauron” in the extended version of the “Lord of the Rings :The Return of the King”.

I’ve seen many cinematic portrayals of the devil, but none as convincing as Viggo’s, he has a seductive, persuasive, yet callous air about him. The Prophecy is about a celestial war amongst the angels that makes its way to earth. Christopher Walken commands the show as the Archangel Gabriel, and it’s a true testament to Viggo’s skill at acting to hold his own against such an intense actor as Walken.

Spence’s Performance lasts a few brief minutes, but it leaves you with a true appreciation of what life in Middle Earth would be like and just who would be running things if Sauron and his boys were in charge.