Tuesday, December 12, 2006


It’s been almost a year since my last regular tabletop game closed. Since then I’ve been tweaking for a new one. My buddy Ed ran a really cool Mutants and Masterminds one shot in September, but with the holidays and all we haven’t been able to hook up since. I set up a Tribe account to see if I could recruit some players. I also posted on the D&D Meetup site. I got a few bites so I set up a meet over at the local pizza joint Sunday morning. About half a dozen folks showed up and we started discussing gaming. Everyone looked to be about 30+ years old, so there was a good “Old school vibe” going on. We went over the standard stuff-favorite game systems, rules lawyers, gamer hygiene (or lack thereof), non gaming spouses, etc. we decided on a system to play: GURPS, and on a genre: Victorian age high adventure (Castle Falkenstein, Space 1889, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Ruse, Etc.). GURPS was a system everyone had familiarity with and the genre offered something different than the standard D&D fantasy stuff, yet still offered magic, fantasy races, and high powered rifles.
It’s a new venture-new group-new campaign. My success with gaming groups is pretty good. I’d say in the high 90’s. One of my best experiences came from answering an ad recruiting gamers at a hobby store in Hawaii, as a result I made a ton of friends some of whom I’m still in touch with after all these years. So here’s to success!