Thursday, December 21, 2006

Turkish delight

As I mentioned in my Sunday post I’m currently running a game of GURPS Castle Falkenstein. My players at the moment include a former Union Officer from the United States, A gunslinger/ gambler from the Bear Flag Empire of California, A Finnish soldier of fortune, and a Dwarven engineer from Prussia. Currently they are headed to Spain from Italy via Aeroship to recover an item located in some ruins high up in the Pyrenees.
Of course there is another group of not so nice guys after the same item (heh,heh).
All they know about the other group is that one of their number is described as “a huge Turk”.
On the subject of Turks; I just received a recent EBay purchase here at the office. “The Ottoman Empire” is a GURPS sourcebook for Castle Falkenstein, that deals with the exotic classical Orient Written by Phil Masters, who incidentally is the author of GURPS Castle Falkenstein as well as GURPS Arabian nights. Flipping through this wonderful book whets my imagination of where to send my boys after they are done fetching trinkets in Spain.
Just when my players thought they had all their bases covered by taking language skills in French, Italian, German, and Latin. [Insert maniacal laughter here].