Sunday, December 17, 2006

GURPS- Age of Adventure

I actually did some gaming on Sunday over at the local game store. From the original group of six that discussed the game, four actually showed up. Not too bad.
We embarked on a Victorian era adventure using GURPS 4th edition rules. I was hella rusty, along with the fact that I was recovering from some kinda bug. But all in all it went off okay. The first game is always a bit slow as we get the back story set up and character introductions out of the way. Everyone said they had a good time but of course they’re gonna say that, I’d say that and then find a way to skip out on the rest of the game. The success of today’s game will be evident the next time we meet. I have some good encounters planned and some honest to gawsh combat. Now I have to go look up train schedules and travel times in 1870’s Spain.