Sunday, July 29, 2007

Get it while its hot...or not

Well the DVD release of the 300 is coming out Tuesday, but I don’t know about snapping it up so quick. It seems nowadays when you buy a new movie they wait 6 months and then come out with a "Double secret extended version" or a "extra special directors cut version".
It happened to me with the first Lord of the Rings movie and again with the
movie "Kingdom of Heaven" which has like 40 minutes worth of additional scenes, and made the confusing theatrical release crystal clear and wholly enjoyable as a directors cut edition. And although far from a great movie, the directors cut of Daredevil at least filled in some huge gaping plot holes. It seems to have become standard marketing operating procedure to hold back certain key elements of even the lamest films and then and re-release them in subsequent editions in the expectation that DVD nerds like me will buy the new edition just to have the coolest version of the movie. So bottom line- I will be getting 300…eventually, but I waited this long, I might have to wait a bit longer just to be