Saturday, July 28, 2007

Make mine DC!

With all the stupidity that “Civil War” has caused, culminating in the “death” of Captain America -(Yeah right), I’ve decided to distance myself from the “House of ideas” for a while. Marvel comics it seems, has just been determined to piss me off with this latest marketing gimmick and I’m determined not to play along, especially when I can still get my fanboy fix quite nicely over at DC comics. The JSA has always been a favorite and continues to shine. And a re-launch of the classic Brave and the Bold, featuring the legendary art of George Perez, has made the bitter pill of Marvel’s lack of consideration for their fans, a bit easier to swallow. Oh well, this too shall pass. Eventually the bean counters at Marvel will need a sales spike which will initiate the “Resurrection of Captain America” mini series crossover extravaganza.