Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gearing up with Hador

Legends of Steel is at the proofreaders right now. So I'm focusing more on getting The Lost World of Hador ready to go. Ryan Shelton is working on the map and I'm currently awaiting some preliminary sketches from a new artist for Hadors cover. for those of you who may not be familiar with the Lost World of Hador project, here is a rough outline-

The Lost World of Hador is an adventure and setting created in the vein of Lost World stories and Sword & Planet romance tales made popular in the pulp writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and others. The setting is non-system specific and can be used by any number of different role playing game systems.

Hador is a planet in a distant galaxy. Beings from throughout the multi-verse (including earth) may find themselves transported to this barbaric world.

Amongst the Various cultures one may encounter on Hador are :

French Knights from the Crusades.
Japanese Sailors from the Russian/Japanese War.
A technologically superior culture known simply as "The Ancients".
A people known as the Habeshan. Possibly one of the "Lost Tribes of Israel".
A race of large Arachnoids with powerful psionic abilities.
A race of serpent men (of course).
A deadly band of 17th century pirates from the South China sea.

Plus many other groups and lone individuals from throughout time and space (from Cave men to Starship pilots) all stranded on Hador and trying to survive.

Some of the cultures have made strides in this new world and have established themselves, others have splintered off and died out. Our intent is to make Hador a world of adventure with many of the classic tropes one would expect in a "Lost World" or "Sword & Planet" setting, but adding just enough twists and surprises to keep your adventurers guessing.