Thursday, December 04, 2008

Odds, Ends and a Rant

Dangerous curves ahead

Okay. Now that I have your attention, let's get started.

Today's quote
"I've been in TV shows before. The ones I star in last for one year. The ones I don't last for six years".
Bruce Campbell - on his career in television.

Did you guys notice the new banner on the site?

It's a link to a copy of the original Crimefighters game from Dragon Magazine. It's free to all, until I get a threatening letter from a Hasbro attorney. And I mean a REAL attorney not some armchair gamer attorney.
Until then have at it.

For an eclectic look at media this is one of my daily reads.

Darkworlds is the companion blog to the Darkworlds Magazine. I have yet to read the magazine (I'm waiting for "She who must be obeyed" to print them up for me at her work) but if they are as entertaining as the blog I'll be one happy Evil DM.

Don't let the plain header fool you, Quasardragon is an insane blog. Insane in regards to how this guy finds the time to scour the Internet for all kinds of cool free stuff. E-books, RPG's, Public domain comics. you could visit his archives and give up a day just picking up all the goodies he has there for everyone.

Ahh...Adventures in Nerdliness. One look at this blog and you will know why I love it. Gaming, Chicks, movies, geek treats, and more. If your a regular here you should be one over there as well.

Okay, a few weeks ago I posted about skype. Its a free communication service that lets you chat in text and voice for free with anyone in it's network.

The good news- It works. Ive chatted with guys here in the states, Canada and Europe and the quality has ranged from good to Excellent. I cannot recommend the free service more. If you have friends and family who are just a tiny bit Internet savvy have them download skype and save yourself some major buck on long distance.

Bad News- Their "pay version" SUCKS! I repeat, IT SUCKS! don't use it. don't join it. I was so happy with the free version I figured their pay version must be cool. ten bucks a month for world-wide unlimited calls?
Sound like a deal.
You pay your money and they take forever to get you on the plan.
And there is NO ONE TO COMPLAIN TO! No customer service what so ever.
I have emails saying they got my money, but when I look in my skype account it shows no activity. There is no one to call and you never receive a response from their "Customer Service" department when you email them.
I did a little research (which I should have done before opening my wallet) and I find out I'm just one of a band of fools that has been fucked by this company.
Their headquarters is somewhere in Central Europe, so good luck on that refund request.

So use skype for free, but don't give them a fucking dime.

The Dane of War isn't a new blog. It's been around for a while. Recently I've seen several posts for things that I thought were especially cool, including a new Pulp RPG supplement for adventure in the South Seas. But rather than pimp it here I'm going to send you over to the Dane of War's Blog. you'll find that post and a few other goodies as well. Have fun.