Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Still finding love for VHS

The other day we ended up with an extra TV and VHS recorder. I figured since no one was using it I’ll hook it up in the storage room where I work on my Joes. It’s working out great. I happen to have a bunch of movies that I don't have on DVD yet, movies like Hawk the Slayer, the Diamond of Jeru, Villa Rides, and others.
I’ve also found that VHS tapes are dirt cheap at used record stores, flea markets and thrift stores I can usually find them for .99 cents and some times as low as .50 cents.
It’s great to have Krull or The Longest Day playing in the background as I kitbash away.

Here are a few bashes I've been working on.

I'm creating additional Characters for my Webcomic I Garrote the Medusa. Here is my take on a 2nd edition AD&D Paladin. I think the headsculpt looks quite "Paladinish" or is it "Paladiny?" Anyway, I think he conveys the Paladin character class quite well.

I took the inspiration for this guy from a couple of different sources. first, in a series of adult pulp westerns called The Renegade, the hero has a disreputable sidekick named Gaston, A deserter from the Foreign Legion who would slice your throat for a bottle of tequila.
The second source was the Captain of the tramp steamer The Rita. from the 1954 classic the Creature From The Black Lagoon. I was going for the untrustworthy jungle guide who would betray you once you locate the Lost City of Gold.

My buddy Ed Cassar used a General Patton head, dirtied it up, and drilled out some teeth.

"Ahh,The Jungle ees a most dangerous place senor. One misstep and she will kill you."

My last guy is a Bounty hunter. I took the head from a Viking figure and a hat from a Blues Brothers knock-off figure. And voila! Badass bounty hunter dude. he would probably fit in nicely in a Dogs in the Vineyard game.