Thursday, December 18, 2008

pulp story outline with a twist

We all know about Indiana Jones and his globetrotting adventures battling Nazis and “rescuing” artifacts.
But I was just thinking about a twist to the pulp adventurer plot.

Hitler supposedly sent teams of agents throughout the world to collect artifacts and conduct occult research. I was thinking about a German adventurer, an officer/scientist who serves his country in this respect. To make the character more sympathetic we can use the “I’m a German officer, not a Nazi” trope. Suppose he is sent for some powerful artifact, but during the adventure he has a crisis of conscience and decides to destroy the artifact rather than let it fall in the hands of Hitler and his cronies? He’s not a traitor so giving the artifact to the allies is not an option. He would have many of the same antagonists that Dr. Jones would have including the allies. Possibly an Indiana Jones style adversary with whom he tangles with from time to time. Our hero is in fact a hero, he just works for some nasty hombres. This might make a nice short story or a limited run comic.