Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Destroyermen

There are books you read, books you plod through, and books you consume.  At the moment I'm consuming the Destroyermen series of books by Taylor Anderson. The story is about a US Navy Destroyer-USS Walker- that heads into a large storm to avoid being sunk by a Japanese Cruiser during a battle in the South Pacific during WWII. After successfully riding out the storm they find themselves in a parallel world almost identical to Earth, with the main exception being that Man never evolved, but other creatures have.

The Destroyermen series is a great read - with interesting characters, vivid battle scenes and a loving amount of attention paid to detail and historical accuracy.

Funny thing is, in the next Product from Evil DM Productions, The Lost World of Hador there is a group of sailors from a Japanese courier ship from the Russo/Japanese War of 1904 who were lost in a storm and landed on Hador. Great minds think alike.