Saturday, May 23, 2009

My newest obsession- Heroclix!


           I was at my favorite comic book store the other day (Empire Comics) picking up my issues of Warlord, Agents of Atlas, and Red Sonja when I spied a big ass comicbook storage box full of Heroclix.  Now I know what Heroclix are and I’ve even bought a few to use in my roleplaying games or as a geek badge for my computer at work, but I never played the game. I asked Ben how much he wanted for the whole box.  We agreed on a price and Voila I had a collection. Of course they were a collection of mostly “commons” with a few of the rarer ones thrown in, but hey my kids don’t know the difference, all they know is dad came home with a huge box full of super heroes and villains.


My Minions had a few heroclix of their own which they used as soldiers and kept in a Bailey’s Irish Cream gift tin, but they never played an actual game. We proceeded to sort through the figures and learn the rules. It turns out the game is easy to learn, very strategic and way fun to play. So fun in fact that we have been playing steadily since we got them (and yes I’ve bought a couple of booster packs since then). I was very surprised at how informed the minions were on the various Super heroes and Villains. All the stuff I learned about Marvel and DC heroes through the comic books they have learned by watching X-Men,Teen Titans, Spiderman, Brave and the Bold, etc. on Cartoon Network.